Precisely what does the term “hook right up” suggest to you personally?

Precisely what does the term “hook right up” suggest to you personally?

I’ve seen folks utilize that expression to mean anything from “meet” to “have sex”, and all things in between. If someone states for you “Wanna attach?” exactly what do you imagine they’re inquiring?

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    to suggest it means helps have sexual intercourse sometimes it implies allows hang out; to me this will depend on that is stating they

    It accustomed mean “meet”, now it indicates “have sex”.

    I’m in the Air power and that I realize increase workers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) use the term “hook right up” to represent that they are about to join with a trailing plane to begin fueling it while they are aloft.

    Now, as to the most substance of your own question, if someone else askes myself easily should ‘hook up’, I’m choosing the idea they wish to hang out, celebrate, and take pleasure in each people organization. Similar to going out on a date, partially or entirely.

    Entirely relies upon the framework. My friends have used they both means. Such as for instance “lets hook up on the weekend” or “jimmy and I also totally hooked up yesterday!!”

    It means “hang down” to me whenever somebody asks if we need to “hook up”

    If a pal requires me to “hook upwards,” they typically suggests meet somewhere. If some guy exactly who I’m not simply established buddy with asks me personally, they probably ways something more suggestive. Easily state I “hooked upwards” with anyone, We probably mean that I generated on using them, perhaps a bit more, but We separate between “hooking upwards” and actually making love with individuals.

    better no less than it is obvious I’m not completely wrong to imagine its meaning are ambiguous….

    Now I just need determine which indicating a certain person have. 😛

    If it’s just buddys In my opinion ‘let’s meet up and hang out’. If it is someone I’m interested in, by way of example, it would likely or may well not suggest to get actual thereupon person. Could suggest different things, according to who you are talking about.

    Do “hooking up” now constantly suggest gender?

    We go to imply sexual intercourse with people, usually without chain attached, but not always intercourse itself.

    I thought it absolutely was gender with no chain attached…but I’m older, and might getting completely wrong! ; )

    “Hooking up” in my opinion = one-night stand.

    I usually regularly put it to use merely to indicate hooking up with somebody—meeting someplace: “Maybe we are able to connect whenever we’re throughout the metropolis.” My sons have now been repairing me fairly vigorously, advising that on the younger individuals it indicates casual sex. We dedicated an extremely bad fake jamais by using it within the wrong way in front of people they know.

    When I was in quality college and senior school, “hooking upwards” constantly meant “making on.”

    Hooking-up is actually french making out imo

    Relies on who’s stating they I guess. Basically had been to use they i might indicate connect in certain intimate means. Things from producing out over having sexual intercourse… No certain meaning in my situation, I always only query when other folks utilize it.

    @krose, do you really mean that anytime someone makes use of the expression “hook up” within position, you need to inquire the things they indicate because of it? Now, that sure appears if you ask me enjoy it beats the goal of having slang.

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not saying up on the most recent conditions. My pals learn I’m a huge loser exactly who can’t keep up with period. *edit- I’ll you should be like “Wait… Do you…” And usually render a gesture. 🙂 After that they’ll laugh and that’s my address, or “NOOOO. We Simply made out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i nevertheless thought its men mainly inquiring a woman to hook up indicating they want to go out and possibly have some fun too…

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